Softdata Internet has always been keen to promote the city of Gloucester, and we are particularly proud to support the Family Haven, A very deserving Gloucester Charity.”

Eddie Eldridge, Glos Businessman


The Peter Lang Children’s Trust is glad to support the work of the Family Haven. The charity offers a comprehensive level of support to families with young children in a way that is professional, innovative, caring, and responsive to the real needs that it encounters. It doesn’t patronise, but rather empowers parents, and the staff and volunteers at the centre have a clear dedication to providing the very best facilities, activities, and levels of support to the young children with whom they work.”

Daniel Robinson Former Development Officer at Peter Lang Children’s Trust


“Why choose the family haven? I wanted to support a local charity as Glos. is most definitely home for us. I wanted a smaller charity where I could see the direct results of any donations. However what struck me most was the enthusiasm and positive approach I felt when I visited. While support seemed welcomes sympathy wasn’t being asked for and a sense of worth was being instilled in those that you helped!”

Stephen McClemont, airline pilot


“What makes The Family Haven so special is that the charity makes a true lifetime investment in families’ lives. A small investment now brings rewards for years to come.”

Ian Glendenning President of The Rotary Club of Gloucester North 05/06


“I am happy to support a local charity and to see so many families benefiting from the charity’s commitment and involvement. From chatting to parents and seeing the children at play in the nursery I could see the life changing and enriching benefits to these families. Without the intervention of The Family Haven many families would remain isolated until they could cope no longer. The charity makes a real difference to so many children.”

Kate Winslet, Actress and Former Patron of The Family Haven