Here’s an easy way to raise money for The Family Haven that does not involve parting with extra cash.

Everyclick Search is powered by Everyclick’s technology platform. Everyclick is an award winning technology and fundraising company. To date, Everyclick products have raised over £8,530,300.11. To learn more about Everyclick, please visit their Everyclick corporate website.

With Everyclick Search you can raise money for us with every web search. The web search is powered by Yandex and you can access all eBay content. Sign up so you can track your giving, right down to the penny.

The commission is generated by your searching. You can turn your online searching into significant additional cash for your favourite charity and it won’t cost you a penny.

Our special address is

Discover a free way to give to The Family Haven. Give as you Live.