How long have you been a volunteer at The Family Haven?

3 years

What first inspired you to get involved?

I used to do fostering. I have volunteered for other local groups. I have always been drawn to work with children and young adults from chaotic/traumatic background. I was attracted by what The Family Haven does, and that it is such a friendly local charity. Helping the community they’re in, it is an intimate environment.

What do you do for The Family Haven as a volunteer?

  • Fundraise via the collection boxes
  • Promote The Family Haven with local businesses
  • Help process the donations from boxes and second hand clothing etc.
  • I’m available to the parents who know me for a chat
  • Volunteer at events

What is the Highlight of your time as a volunteer here?

JoJo             JoJo elf

Santa’s grotto at Blooms. Good fun, it was freezing the first year.

Also running some of the classes in healing, yoga, relaxation techniques for the parents

Do you have any advice for people interested in volunteering?

Be flexible. Be prepared to do something you’ve never done before. Make sure it is a charity you feel passionately about. Be aware you may end up giving over and above what you expected.

What are the benefits you’ve gained from volunteering?

Lots, they are hard to define. I’ve met some really nice people. It has given me more compassion in lots of ways. I have a much broader understanding of the problems in our area.

Jojo Lingwood, Owner of The Homeshaper – for clutter, clearing and more.

Volunteer at The Family Haven