Our Friends are invaluable in helping our families to a brighter future.

By making a regular donation, our Friends enable us to better plan the services our families need. We are able to keep the day centre open and available to the isolated families with young children who need a safe haven from the challenges and troubles they face.

Why become a friend? As a friend of The Family Haven you will be helping provide the services our families so desperately need. Your regular subscriptions and offers of voluntary help are invaluable and enable our work.

As a Friend you will

  • help vulnerable families to a brighter future
  • receive the Family Haven newsletters
  • receive invitations to fundraising events
  • be welcome to take a tour of The Family Haven where you will have the opportunity to meet with staff and see the facilities being used by parents and children.

To e mail our Fundraiser click here .

You can download the Friends Application Form or call the office for a printed version 01452 422971.

Alternatively, you may sign up online by creating a regular donation online at BT My Donate.

Thank you.

  • Single Member = minimum £30 per year
  • Joint Member  = minimum £60 per year
  • Corporate Member = minimum £120 per year

If you became a friend prior to November 2009 you may be paying your subscriptions into our old bank account as we have recently changed banks from Lloyds to the CAF bank. Please do not worry if this is the case as we are still receiving your donation however you will need to complete a new mandate for the CAF bank and cancel the Lloyds mandate. If you have any questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.