We are currently seeking new Trustees

Would you like to make a big difference to the lives of vulnerable families with pre-school children in Gloucestershire? We need new trustees to strengthen the board and take the charity forward. The Trustees have control of the Charity and are responsible for its activities, property and funds.

Work to be undertaken

  • Ensure that TFH pursues its objects as defined in the Memorandum of Association and in accordance with the Mission statement.
  • Ensure that TFH complies with its constitution, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
  • Contribute actively to the board of trustees’ role in giving firm strategic direction to TFH, setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets.
  • Safeguard the good name and values of TFH.
  • Ensure the sustainability of TFH.
  • Protect and manage the property of the charity and ensure the proper investment of the charity’s funds.
  • Appoint the Managers, monitor their performances and decide the remuneration of employees.
  • Co-opt trustees to fill vacancies, appoint the Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer and other honorary officers, support their work and monitor their performance.
  • Make standing orders to govern proceedings at general meetings and make rules to govern proceedings at Trustees’ meetings and at meetings of committees.
  • Attend and participate in meetings of the Trustees, provide advice and guidance and any specific knowledge or experience they may have to help the Trustees to make sound decisions.
  • Participate in other tasks that may arise from time to time such as interviewing prospective Trustees or staff or helping with fundraising.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with a knowledge of organisational management and governance. As the trustees operate collectively, they would have good team-working skills and able to interact with persons of differing backgrounds.

Applicants should be socially concerned with a deep seated commitment to social justice.

What difference will you make?

The trustee board runs the organisation and makes all the key decisions. The future of the organisation is dependent on having concerned and well-informed trustees guiding the organisation.


Volunteer expenses covered, Induction for volunteers, Insurance cover in place.

Unfortunately the day centre is housed in an old Victorian building that cannot be easily adapted for mobility issues.

When: Variable times
Age requirements: All ages

What’s in it for the volunteer?

The is a chance to work closely with the staff and trustees of a successful small charity which has a record of making a tangible difference over its thirty years of operation.

Skills and requirements

  •  Organising
  •  Teamwork
  •  Leadership
  •  Managing people


  •  Domestic violence
  •  Media
  •  Marketing & Communications
  •  Poverty
  •  Homeless
  •  Victim support
  •  Crisis Support


  •  Business Development
  •  Trusteeship
  •  Management
  •  Financial control

Skills you gain

  •  Organising
  •  Teamwork
  •  Governance
  •  Leadership
  •  Managing people

If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact our centre manager Lucy by email Lucy@thefamilyhaven.com or phone 01452 422971 who will pass your details to our Chair.