The Nursery has re-opened as of 1st June.

June 4, 2020

At the moment, until we hear any other guidance from the government, we have opened for a two-hour session each morning, 10-12. it’s a staggered intake, so each parent has a ten-minute window to arrive and leave. E.G:10.00-10.10-10.20, then the same with leaving at 12.00-or 12.10.

At this time, we have agreed a bubble of 4 children maximum each session. This has been offered to the pre-school first as we obviously want to support them as much as possible before going to school in September. The government have said nurseries are now able to open to pre-school and vulnerable children.

Not all the children are back, some preferring to wait longer to see what the guidance is.The children that have come back have been so excited and happy. They each have defined areas to play, however they don’t have to stay in those areas. They are in a bubble and won’t be joining another bubble, (so hopefully no cross contamination). The children have been colouring, counting, listening to stories, because apparently ‘mummy doesn’t read the stories like Claire!’.